Discovered about trending online radio

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Discovered about trending online radio

Post by GodivaFidelia »

Founded in 1985 by Gordon "Mac" McNamee, Kiss FM was the first legal UK dance music radio station. Its mission was to play music that is not usually played on conventional radio stations. The station gave new musicians an opportunity to gain exposure and make a name for themselves. The station was also known for helping revive the careers of many soul legends.

During its short history, Kiss FM gained a large and dedicated fan base. They were fairly evenly split between male and female listeners. However, in 2006 Kiss FM began to lose listeners.

Kiss FM is no longer the go-to station for exploring the world of urban music. Instead, Kiss FM is known for its specialist shows in the evenings. For example, Freddie's show features dance music and remixes.

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Re: Discovered about trending online radio

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Re: Discovered about trending online radio

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I discovered a trending online radio station that I think you'll love. The station is called "The Radio Station for You", and it offers listeners a variety of programming that is perfect for their heardle interests. From music to talk shows, The Radio Station for You has something for everyone.

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Re: Discovered about trending online radio

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